Origin Coffee have decided not to relocate to Porthleven

I have been asked by the owners of Origin Coffee to make public a letter I received last in which Origin Coffee have made the decision not to be the tenant of any building located in the Shipyard, Porthleven. I have no further details apart from what is contained in the following letter.


As for what will happen with the proposed building and any future tenant will be up to the Harbour and Dock Company. I have no details on this, and no planning application has been submitted for this building. FullSizeRender (3)

Furthermore, the proposed design could radically change because the design was based on the need for Origin Coffee. I guess we will have to wait and see what comes forward from the Harbour and Dock Company.

Leaving the design of the building aside (as everyone has an option on the design) I just hope we as a community do not regret this and the message it sends out to any business wanting to relocate to Porthleven. Or  we might have sent a negative message of we are not open for business to any future business opportunities that are thinking of moving to Porthleven.



  • Dick Powell

    A very important last paragraph from you there Andy.

  • Ian Parsons

    I have no objection to business coming to Porthleven but not located slap bang in the middle of the village. Further more what is wrong with the old ship yard…..all the industrial buildings are set back and still maintain a vista of a working village. Long may it remain like that.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad development.
    The village isn’t a museum that shouldn’t evolve over time. It’s only 200 years old as a harbour village after all – and most of the village is far more recent. That particular site has always been industrial and has had all manner of buildings on it over the years.
    To have potentially lost a significant commercial investment – particularly in a business from a diverse industry (i.e. something other than tourism) – is disappointing.
    Porthleven’s loss unfortunately.

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