Option A Gets the Nod

The future of waste collection in Cornwall was decided today by Cornwall Council’s Cabinet. For the last month or so there has been a public consultation on two options. 
Option A – Weekly food waste and rubbish collections. Fortnightly recycling and garden waste collections.
Option B – Weekly food waste and recycling collections. Fortnightly rubbish and garden waste collections.
By the end of the consultation near 10,000 people had replied. This in Council terms is a great result and shows that the public are keen to give their views on this subject. The vote split of the consultation was not close, with 66% of people supporting Option A. The Cabinet took into account all the information and voted 7 to 3 in favour of Option A. So, Option A is what we will get. 
For me, it is a shame that a weekly recycling collection was not introduced along side the other collections.  I really believe this would really have helped raise recycling rates from the current average of 35%.
The sticking point for many is the residue waste (black bag) being collected fortnightly. I believe this will continue to be a problem until people get use (or actually using) the separate food waste bins and items like Tetra packs can be recycled cost effectively. Currently Tetra packs can only be recycled in Sweden and this is just too costly to recycle.

The battle I believe is changing people’s mindset on how we deal with waste. This may take a while, but one day it will happen.

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