One more empty property dealt with in Porthleven

I have blogged quite a few times on the issue of empty homes/properties in Porthleven. The whole subject of trying to bring these types of properties back into use is a difficult and emotive subject. It is also a long process, sometimes because of legal proceedings, or the owner unwilling to do anything.

The good news is one of the long-standing empty properties should I hope, have something done about it in the very near future. The property in question is Lyndhurst and the Old Dairy on Thomas Street. The whole issue surrounding the property is a very personal, and I have a lot of sympathy to the owners and their situation. However, the owners now have decided to auction the property and put the whole issue being them.

This is good news because I and the Empty Homes team at Cornwall Council has worked with the owners to solve this difficult situation. I am glad everyone involved has come together to work on this. I will look forward to either the site being put back into use; either by using the existing structure or, if the plans are right for the site, a new building.

The site is being auctioned on the 18th September via the auctioneer Clive Emson. Details HERE Lot 137 The price guide starts at £90,000. I hope it is sold for as much money as possible to allow the owners some financial gain after the terrible situation they found themselves in


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