One Conservative Fired and Two Quit

The fallout from Tuesday’s Budget meeting continues at Cornwall Council, and if I was a betting man I would bet more is to come. Today, Carolyn Rule, one of the Conservative Members on the Cabinet quit the Conservative Group and became an Independent. The simple reason was on how her own party had acted and voted on Tuesday.

Then later, about an hour ago Lance Kennedy another Conservative Cabinet Member also quit the Conservative Group citing the same reason as Carolyn. He has also become an Independent, but I am unsure he has joined the Indi Group unlike Carolyn who joins their ranks today.

This has not ended, as Steven Rushworth has been fired from the Cabinet by the Leader Jim Currie. I do not know the full details, but I am told it is over the Budget and how he voted against the Cabinet. Though technically he just voted for the 0%.

As it stands, those who have quit the Conservative Group have so far kept their current positions in the Cabinet. I also believe at least one more Conservative will resign, but that has not happened and should only be treated as a rumour.

The atmosphere at County Hall is fraught, especially for many of the staff who are seething on being badly let down by so many Councillors. And next week I feel it will be getting worse once the full detail and impacts the 0% Budget will have on services and staffing.


  • I’m sure you are right. Utter shambles as ‘purdah’ approaches. I look forward to seeing who is going to stand and as what!

  • worried worker2

    Can enough councillors raise enough fuss for another vote, maybe some of the councillors who voted for the freeze, did not understand the consequences, there must be something that can be done.

    Andrew is there anything that can be done, we have fought before.

    Worried worker 2

  • Smiley

    It makes me realise just how much the organisation direction is driven by politics and and how, in turn, national political needs impact on individual counties. What is so disappointing is the short term view of May overpowers the long term benefits for the people of Cornwall in the form of continuation of service provision. We are at the point of now cutting the healthy parts as the fat is long gone and muscle is stretched to the max.

  • worried and angry

    staff are so disappointed and gutted that the implications from Tuesdays budget, it has ripped the guts from them. People need to be made aware that these cuts will affect many of the services that people enjoy but dont realise that the council deliver. There is no sugar coating the fact that this will cause more redundancies too, thats not good for Cornwall, voting on Tuesday wasnt for the better of Cornwall it was politics and played badly. Staff are truly destroyed by what has happened and I wish people could see the upset through the offices after this happened and the back slapping that went on afterwards.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Worried and angry, I totally agree. The backslapping and the ‘pleased with themselves’ look was just too much. It was stomach churning.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Worried worker 2, I wish it was simple as that. From my understanding the CT rate is now set, and cannot be undone. I still cannot believe the outcome. And how it was done not on merit, but on politics.

  • Toni Mills

    It’s unfortunate that the budget has to be set so close to the election. It would be better the other way around: the new council could then decide its own path instead of being tied to one of the last bad decisions of its predecessor. It doesn’t happen like this at national level. There’s got to be a better way to run things. Surely.

  • Andrew Wallis


    More than likely there will be a new budget after the election. But the Council Tax rate cannot be changed until the next charging year period. So the budget process will start in Nov 2013 for a new rate from 1st April 2014

  • Andrew Wallis

    It wasn’t good politics either.

  • Time to Act!!

    Tuesdays vote has simply confirmed that certain Members of Cornwall Council are not aware of the impact that their votes can have on the lives of Cornwall’s residents, a large number of which happen to be very hard working Cornwall Council Staff. Those of us who happened to watch what unfolded in the Council Chamber on Tuesday saw elected members from both the Lib Dem and Conservative party questioning what they had actually voted for! I mean come on, these are people, elected by the people of Cornwall, because we hope that they are sensible enough to act in a professional, sensible, and unselfish manner. Instead we saw idiots, who had nothing but getting one over on their political rivals in mind.
    The fact that some Members had to be told that removing £400k from the Comunications budget would lead to the closure of an entire department, the very department that keep the People of Cornwall abreast of what’s happening with their hard earned money, shows that the Lib Dems had no concept of what their votes meant. The Conservative members simply voted for the 0% increase becasue they did not want to be seen to be weak before the elections by supporting an increase, and because they knew it would screw over the Lib Dems who didn’t think their ridiculous motion would ever be passed!
    The fact of the matter is this….. The vote passed on Tueday will lead to job losses at Cornwall Council, and not just highly paid consultants and agency staff, as we are led to believe in the Lanson Boys Blog (if you have 5 minutes and fancy a laugh / cry take a look). Whilst there are no doubt some highly paid consultants / agency workers who could be asked to become
    full time employees saving some money, we all know that the majority of cuts will be staff providing vital frontline services to the young, old, and vulnerable people living in our County.
    You can only trim so much fat from an organisation before it affects frontline services. The vote on Tuesday, passed only because some of our elected members are too weak or interested in their own political agenda, was a step too far. We have to make these people aware of the consequences of voting in this manner. The staff at Cornwall Council, their relatives and friends should make these people aware that this type of political one upmanship will no longer be tolerated, especially when it affects the lives of our own families. I am a worker, a taxpayer, a parent and someone who would rather pay the additional Council Tax than see our frontline services affected. Certain members have reported that the 0% raise in Council Tax is what their pubilc wanted, but were they made aware of the implications of that vote…… I very much doubt it!!
    Its time to act and show these individuals that their games have consequences for the whole of Cornwall’s residents. A Petition is perhaps the best way forward?? Hopefully you will be able to advise Councillor Wallace??

  • mick martyn

    great comments ‘a time to act’
    I cannot believe that Fatty Folkes is pumping his chest out again on his blog that is like fort knox to comment on saying this budget is a jobs increase and shouldmnot affect frontline services!!!

    So the question is simple to the Lib Dumbs…….this is your proposed budget which must have been worked through with a fine toothed comb so tell hus exactly how many jobs will increase by and where, are they permanent or ‘agency’ and regarding the £3.6m cut in agency – exactly which services and budget lines are these and what is the associated impact on service provision/performance.

    Assuming the budget was carefully thought through surely these are the essential answers so we all know what is going to be affected and how.

    Andrew no-one from the Liobb Dumbs will be man enough to answer onhere so are you able to ask these questions so we know??????

  • worried worker 2

    I wonder how many weeks staff are going to be waiting to be told about their jobs, the stress that this brings with waiting, what about the services that has to be provided directly to the public, with less staff and stressed staff in the future, because the same levels of services cannot be provided, all because of the elections.

    Worried worker 2

  • Worried Worker 3

    As an extremely hard-working member of Cornwall Council staff, I am totally and utterly astounded by the decision that was made, which I can only describe purely and simply as being a blantant piece of political maneouvering so close to the elections.
    We work so incredibly hard within the Council, our services have already been cut to the quick and now appear to be likely to be cut to nothing. Staff are at absolute rock bottom over this.
    You have to admit that things are dire when Kevin Lavery sends you an email stressing do not panic – we will do all we can but it does not look good – he appears to say.

    For the sake of a minimal rise in Council Tax, I would have been happy. After all, we do not question when our other annual bills e.g Car Insurance, Electricity bill etc rise annually, we just accept a small rise

    Councillors need to remember that as Cornwall Council staff we are also VOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the idiotic councillors that passed this vote remember one thing, we will be choosing our candidates VERY carefully in May

  • Worried Worker 3

    On that note Andrew, please can you tell me where we find out how our local councillors voted in this decision.

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