Once Upon a Time in Hayle

Once upon a time there was this maiden who despite being a widower was still in her prime and looking for a suitor. She was not young, but still held her natural beauty. Along came a rather dashing suitor, who promised her wealth and security for the future. The maiden was bowled over by his charm and wit, but at the day of the wedding he hightailed it off to sea. The maiden was devastated, and fell into despair.

Near three decades later the maiden had still not found a suitor, and she felt that no one would ever love her again. As her agony continued; her health and looks faded until no one would give her a passing glance. That was until three suitors saw her potential.

These three suitors now made a play for her affection, the first one had his roots in the north, the second was from across the English Channel, whilst the third now resided in the Americas. All three offered security and money which would help make her attractive once again. The only issue was, she could only marry one.

Which one would it be as each had their own strengths and attributes? It was a hard choice because picking the wrong one would have far reaching consequences. Unable to make that decision on her own, she enlisted Counsel who she hoped could advise her as to which suitor was best.

This advice was complicated and fraught with danger, as the two rejected suitors would no doubt take the rejection personally and seek to change her mind in other more formal ways. Counsel has indeed advised her of the best suitor that would give her all she needs now and for the future, but is this suitor trust worthy, or once married run off with another and leave the now old maiden dead and dying.

We shall know in a week’s time as to who she has picked. Let’s hope it is the right choice.

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  • Graham Coad

    Master Wallis,

    In truth, the maiden Hayle had SEVERAL suitors since being widowed, and all hoped to benefit from her charms whilst offering her gifts.

    Fate is cruel, though, and each time that she seemed tempted, there was a National or International financial crisis, and being scared of losing money, or fearful of being unable to afford the maiden's affections, the suitors ran away, once even leaving poor Hayle standing at the altar!

    The passing of time was indeed cruel, and her charms faded, but beneath the wrinkles her classic bone structure ensured that wise men could still discern the beauty within.

    The New Millennium was still young when a suitor appeared from across the channel, an old friend from the Nether Lands across the sea, and the maiden was intrigued, as she had had much business with the Nether Lands in her youth, selling them the magical means to drain their marshy lands and increase their wealth and power, and the maiden and the suitor remembered…..

    This suitor wooed her with the possibility of a makeover, to open her veins to the clear rush of fresh brine, to adorn her ways and banks with beautiful dwellings, and graceful promenades, to recognise her age yet adorn it with grace and prosperity, her REBIRTH was offered!

    Yet she had her doubts, parts of her recalled the past disappointments, hope had almost died in her, and false friends counselled her to reject these advances, but true friends urged her to face the light and embrace the possibilities.

    Then…Woe upon Woe, again the world was plunged into financial chaos, the worst yet, the false friends rejoiced and rubbed their hands waiting for the suitor from the Nether Lands to run away, as all had in the past, yet…what was this? The suitor stayed! The false friends gnashed their teeth and wailed and made threats and whispered false things, wishing her to stay old and lined, but the suitor stood firm.

    The suitor explained that with the times as they were, the maiden would have to sell some of her jewels to help their union come about, and to help pay for the rebirth, and she wept, then seeing that she had jewels, other suitors came, ravening, hoping for the jewels, but not offering the makeover and rebirth, hoping instead to attach themselves to her outskirts to leech from her beauty and possibilities, while offering little to her heart.

    Will the suitor from the Nether Lands run away? He has stayed the distance so far, more than any suitor has done before, (while the other suitors are already casting around for other maidens to attach themselves to, seeking other jewels…..)

    The maiden's soul believes that the suitor from the Nether Lands will make her strong and fresh again and build his temple beside her heart. Will he stay forever? No, it's not his way, he is one who improves and develops then fondly departs once the job is complete, but the job will have been done, and the maiden transformed.

    Let us pray that the demigods of Mount Truro TRULY have the wisdom and vision that we hope, and open the way for Hayle to have her chance of beauty and rebirth.

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