Olympic Torch Route – All Hush Hush

You would almost have to be clinically dead not to know the Olympics are being held in the UK this year. It is also well know that a torch will be travelling the length and breadth of the UK in a build up to the grand (and probably very expensive) opening ceremony.

Cornwall has been selected as the first landmass in the UK to receive the torch. Depending on your viewpoint this is being seen as a blessing or a curse. The planned route has also caused outrage in some areas of Cornwall; because the torch will not being going though certain logical areas.

The town of Helston has been selected as one of those areas who will receive the torch. I am disappointed Porthleven has been missed out. As I see no logical reason as to why it has because it is, basically, on the route to Helston (turn right at stop-gate instead of going straight on).

Because part of my division is in Helston, and I am very keen for Porthleven to be included in any of the celebrations, I am part of the working group looking at events in Helston. This is great, because a lot is planned during the day and early evening. However, arising out of this, it seems the actual route and timings of the arrival of the torch are top-secret.

No-one outside of  a small group of the local town council knows the actual route and timings of the route. Those in the local council have had to sign a confidential agreement before they were told. I am struggling to see the rational to this because you would think it is in the best interest of the Olympic organisers to have as many people, and events going on along the route.

Being on the working group, but not knowing the details, makes organising anything almost impossible. How can I expect anyone to take part, or put on events if no one is allowed to know the rough route and timings? All I have been told is the date, and that it’s going through Helston. Worse is when those who do know keep saying “I can’t tell you those details” or the old line “If I tell you I will have to kill you.”  Though the latter comment was said slightly tongue in cheek.

The more I get involved in trying to do something for the area, the more I get disappointed in the process and overt obsession with secrecy for the Olympics. I have been told there is ‘intelligence’ that there might be demonstrations to the Olympics, so this is the reason why hardly no-one can be told of the timings.  However, details will be released two weeks before the event. So, if you were going to wave and anti-Olympics banner, two weeks is enough to make any banner, and plan where to be…

Let’s hope the organisers wake up and smell the coffee, or they might find a lot more disillusionment in these Olympics with no one bothering to take part,  or trying to make this a day to remember.


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  • Gill Martin

    It’s pathetic. So where where was the secrecy and security when they visited Coca Cola enterprises recently with the actual olympic torch and allowed members of staff to hold it (wearing a white glove) and be photographed with it. An ‘anti olympics’ member of Coca Cola staff could have had the opportunity to hit someone over the head with it.

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