Old Police non-emergency number to be switched off

In this weeks Helston Packet, there an article on a very important change to the Police non-emergency number. Currently, you can contact the police for non-emergency reasons on either, 08452 777444, or a more easy to remember number of 101.

Now, from Sunday 2nd September, the 08452 number will be switched-off as a means of contacting the Police. If you do happen to call the this number, you will just hear an answering machine message asking to use 101. Furthermore, and I personally did not know this, you can email the Police with non-emergency crime. The e-mail address for this is 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.

It is a pity people who contact the 101 number will have to pay 15p for each call. At least this is a standard rate no mater what time you call.

Just remember 101 for non-emergency and 999 for emergency.

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