Ofsted and Cornwall’s Schools

The subject of Ofsted and Cornwall’s schools has been in the news of late. This is in part due to a large secondary school being put into special measures, and other schools having their Ofsted ratings downgraded. The simplest way to explain some of the results is Ofsted have raised the all ready high bar even further. This change of inspection took place in January 2012.

Since January 2012, ninety-three Cornish schools have been inspected. Out of those, six have been judged to be outstanding; fifty-four judged to be good (of which 31 improved from satisfactory; twenty-two required improvement (six dropping from outstanding/good) and eleven placed in special measures. Overall, out of 238 primary schools in Cornwall, 83% are judged by Ofsted as ‘good or outstanding’. For the 31 secondary school it is (again) 83%.

The results get better when you look back to 2009 till the end of 2012. In 2009 only 9% of primary schools were judged as outstanding; by December 2012, this had risen to 17%, almost double since 2009. For those judged good, the figure in 2009 was 51%, and by December 2012, it had risen to 61%. Those judged satisfactory (new grading is ‘required to improve’) was 39% in 2009, but had dropped to 18% by December 2012.

The secondary school figures are just as impressive, with the number of secondary schools judged as outstanding in 2009 was just 10%, as of December it was 35%. As for the satisfactory, this was 26% in 2009. By 2012, it had dropped to 16%.

The number of schools in ‘special measures’ is 11 primary schools and 1 secondary school* This equates of just 4% of primary schools and 3% of secondary schools. Of course it is disappointing these schools have been put into special measures, but measures and help is put in place to make sure these schools improve.

I hope this blog post has explained the current situation of the Ofsted inspections in Cornwall.

*As of writing this blog post

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