Official opening of the Bulwark play area

Saturday saw the official opening of the Bulwark play park. This event has been four years in the making, and now finally, the area has its own play park. And it is a fantastic play park too. The play park was official opened by the Chair of the Bulwark Association, Julia Eddy and the Deputy Mayor of Helston, Cllr Mike Thomas. It was also good to see so many people attend the opening. It shows the areas has a real community spirit.

To give you the scale of the change, I have added a picture of what  was there, or to be correct, what was not there before to show have good this new play area is:

bulwark play 1


And now the Bulwark area has this very impressive play area:


The new Bulwark play park

This park is even more impressive as the project has been community lead from the start. I have always been very impressed with the residents and the Bulwark Association attitude, drive and determination of achieving their dreams of a park. They did this by fund-raising at every opportunity.

Special thanks should go to SITA Trust who saw the need and awarded £30,000 worth of funding. As should the local Downsland Trust and Helston Town Council who also agreed an element of funding. Helston Town Council should also be congratulated for agreeing to take on the management of the park.

The official opening of the Bulwark play park

The official opening of the Bulwark play park

In fact, it is not just those organisations I have just thanked, there are other organisations who have supported the residents to achieve their aims. These include  the National Trust at Penrose, C4L, the police, Helston Town Warden and Sanctuary Housing. These people and organisations should also be congratulated for their support. Cornwall Council played its part too. With the procurement, legal, devolution teams; as well as the Community Network all helping. This really has been a joint effort.

Just shows what can be done when everyone works for a common cause.


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