Not A Happy Bunny

I said at the start of the week that it started off good with the nice letter. Well, its Wednesday and its gone down hill quicker than a Swiss skier.

There I was sitting eating my breakfast with the news on. Still half sleepy i was shocked to hear Cornwall Council is going to have Government intervention to ‘help’ the Council get Children’s Services right. It seems the Council has decided to brief the BBC before those who are elected to the Council.

How can the Public have any confidence in the Council if those who they elect to make sure its run for the greater good are not even warned, consulted or even given the ‘heads up’ on this shambles. 

What halfwit (and yes i am annoyed) decided to keep this information secret from the Councillors? I have this morning sent an e-mail the Leader and Chief Exc of the Council demanding answers.

I am now in the process of collecting some more swords because I am sure there is going to be a few people who fall on them, or if not,  pushed on them.


  • Anonymous

    I am very glad to see a councillor taking proactive action on such a major area of concern. I for one (and no doubt many) would be very interested to see the Council publish where exactly it has reached in progressing the remedial action highlighted by Ofsted…perhaps a FOI request would draw this out anyway??

  • Tech

    Oh. I tweeted you about that last night. I can't believe I knew before you did! That's not good 🙁

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I only got to see the news in the morning. I found out later that it had been on the news that evening. Morning or Evening there was no briefing on the reasons to those elected. You would think we would get that before the BBC.

  • Anonymous

    what's odd is that fuss is being made about this now – this story was covered in the West Briton and Cornish Guardian more than two weeks ago….

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