Changes to Rubbish Collections

A quick reminder to make sure you don’t put your bins out for a Monday (2nd April) collection, because it won’t be collected. The reason is Porthleven and those who live within the electoral division of Helston South (Bulwark, etc) will be having their general rubbish collected on a Wednesday starting on the 4th April.

Recycling waste will also be collected on a Wednesday in a two-week cycle and will start on the 11th April. It is hoped the new recycling containers will be delivered very soon, but if they are not, just continue to use the containers you already have.

Garden Waste will also be collected on Wednesday, starting on the 4th, but you will need to buy a new container and subscription for this to be collected.

There was some confusion with Cornwall Council’s website postcode checker telling one date on the recycling and the letter that’s been posted to residents telling another date. This has now been sorted with the Cornwall Council website now displaying the right information.

Also, the scheduled collection of recyclable waste will still take place on Friday the 30th March.

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