No Confidence Motion on Leader of Cornwall Council

Things at Cornwall Council are likely to get very interesting in the next week or so. The reason for this is 41 Cornwall Councillors have put their name to a no-confidence motion on the Leader of Cornwall Council.

Now this has been submitted, an emergency council meeting will take place on the 16th October at New County Hall, starting at 10 am. It will be simply a yes or no vote. If the vote goes against the leader, then he is automatically removed as leader, and a new leader has to be in place by the end of the day. It will then be up to the new leader to pick his cabinet.

That does not mean the cabinet will automatically change, as it could stay the same. I will imagine a lot of arm twisting and talks in quiet corners will be taking place in the next few days.


  • Anonymous

    There was a lot of anger towards the Cabinet in evidence at a public Question Time event in Penzance yesterday evening.

  • worried worker

    Yes! Great news Andrew, keep up the fight! To the rest of the members, don’t let yourself be bullied out of doing what’s in the best interest for those who voted you in!

  • Gill Martin

    I said a long time ago that they should have a vote of no confidence in the leadership, so I will be waiting with interest.

  • Cornish VOTER

    This is great news, a real show of people power…at last!!!!!!!!!

  • another pleb

    For a number of years we have read their pompous emails, watched them strut around New County Hall, been forced to attend their insulting staff “road shows”, had them lie to us whilst making our working conditions impossible…so the thought of heads rolling in the ivory towers fills me, and I would imagine a number of council workers, with joy.
    Alas, one would imagine they shall go into full-on weasel mode now, promising the earth in quiet back rooms in the hopes of them clinging onto power just a little longer so not to let their private business mates down (imagine the embarrassment at the county club!). But I would love nothing more than to see them come unstuck, a great big shot across the bows for all the other leeches out there draining the public of everything they own.
    Still, if nothing else it should make Kevs tedious Friday afternoon emails a little more entertaining.

  • Gill Martin

    Providing of course that the vote of no confidence is for the right reasons and not just a political move. Not being of a vindictive nature I would not like to see someone removed for the wrong resons.

  • A benefits assessor

    I’ll look forward to seeing his council tax benefit claim come into my in-tray.

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