Newquay Airport’s ADF to be scrapped in March 2016

Today, Cornwall Council has officially confirmed that the Airport Development Fee (ADF) will be scraped in March 2016. In a statement issued today by the Council, the Council said the removal of the ADF in March is part of a package of measures to help encourage new airlines to fly from the airport.Newquay

The good news for the airport is since the introduction of the Public Service Obligation service and an active marketing campaign, there has been a 16% increase in the number of passengers using the Newquay to Gatwick route. The other routes (11 in total) have seen an increase in the numbers of people using the airport too.

By removing this charge – which has been a problem for some airlines – it should encourage more airlines to come to Newquay and hopefully offering the opportunity to fly to other locations in the UK and maybe, just maybe flights direct to the Mediterranean.

For me, this is about developing the airport not only as a major player in the airport / airline industry, but more importantly no longer requiring the subsidy it gets from Council. This subsidy has been reduced over the years, but I would want to see this subsidy reach zero with the airport standing on its own two feet.

It is why as one of the Council’s Cabinet, I supported the removed of the ADF, now pleased it has now been publicly confirmed.



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