Newquay Airport offers flights to Leeds and more flights to Dublin

Newquay Airport has in the last few months announced new and expanded routes. The recent announcement include flights to Spain and Germany, and Flybe to operate bigger jet engined aircraft to and from the airport.

I believe the increase of interest in Newquay Airport is two-fold, the first is the Government’s commitment to the London route with the PSO. The second is the decision by the Cabinet to remove the ADF.

In the Spending Review, the Government has committed to another PSO route to and from Leeds. The new route is scheduled to operate five days per week through until the end of October and then three days per week through the winter to the end of March.

Furthermore, the Dublin route which was announced in November 2014 is set to expand in 2016 and will operate daily and year round from March.

One senior-wag at the Council joked that if more airlines operate from the airport, we might need a second set of marshalling wands to cope with all the aircraft.

Seriously though, well done to all the people involved in making the airport attractive to airline operators. It is starting to pay off.


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