New Skate Park Planned for Porthleven

Porthleven Town Council has been working on a plan to update the skate park in Porthleven. This well used site – owned and maintained by the town council – is getting near the end of its life. So something has to be done sooner than later. The plan is not to just refurbish the site, but to do a completely new park including a proper skating surface.

The project has been set a budget of £65,000, which will do everything required to make this a great skate park. I am really pleased to say at last nights monthly meeting of the town council, the council agreed to contribute up to £20,000 toward the project. The remaining monies will be (hopefully) from grant funders. I and other members of the town council are now in the process of applying to these funders now the town council has agreed on its contribution. I hope to have most if not all of the funding in place within six months.

There are also plans for some other fundraising activities to take place, and a final consultation on the layout of the park. Below is a picture of the type of equipment the new park could expect to see for the projects budget. If you are interested in helping with the project, drop me or the town clerk an email.



  • Jowan Penhaligon

    I think this is great idea, however If you are going to be using concrete to build the park I think it would be a good idea to build a concrete bowl around 4ft deep.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Hi Jowan,

    Looking at two options. Steel ramps and concrete. Before any plans are agreed, users will be consulted on their preference.

  • zoe richards

    hi i was just wondering how long its going to be until u get all the funding u need as i took my nephews down to the skate park to day and was descusted in the shate of it and how dangerous it is thanks zoe

  • Andrew Wallis

    Hi Zoe, a community group is organising funding for this park. It is a lot of money, so it does take time.

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