Near Seven Million for Three Months on Consultants?!

Graham Smith of the BBC has blogged about a staggering amount of money that has been spent by Cornwall Council on consultants in January, February and March. It is a eye watering £6,873,635. It is broken down by the following: January £1,774,978, February £1,858,619 and in March £3,240,038.

You have to ask yourself why these payments were made and who received these payments. What justification is there, and more importantly, where are the improvements that have come to about by hiring these consultants.

These question need to be answered, and I have written to the Head of Finance asking for answers to these and other questions.


  • Anonymous

    Where do I sign up for one….

  • Ian Hibberd

    I'm afraid the answer is simple. Nobody likes making a decision so what do they do? Call in a consultant, make sure they come up with the right answer and then present the decision not really as yours but as the one recommended by the Consultant. It's pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    I work for the council and would love to employ a temp admin assistant to cover for a member of my staff who has gone on maternity leave but we've been told we're not allowed to get anyone in to cover them even though there is money in the budget! This is happening all over the council in many frontline services. I would love to know how the senior officers employing these consultants get the go ahead…???

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