Nansloe School will get a school crossing patrol on Meneage Road

Several months ago, I requested to Cornwall Council to see if Meneage Road would qualify for a School Crossing Patrol (SCP). This is due a large number of children attending Nansloe Academy from other parts of Helston.

This road is busy, and therefore, parents choose to drive their children to school rather than walk. So a solution needed to be found to allow children to cross safety and reduce traffic in and around the school.

After various site monitoring visits to see how many people with children cross Meneage Road on the way to and from the school,  I am very pleased to say, a SCP will be put in place on this road.

In simple terms, to qualify for a SCP, there has to be a certain number of children crossing (with or without their parent) at the peak school times.

Before the site is operational a small amount of engineering works will need to be undertaken, and someone will need to be recruited to the position.

I am very pleased there will be a crossing here. It is something I and the school have wanted for some time. Thank you Cornwall Council for finding the money for this.

It does not stop there either. As I am talking to Cornwall Council Highways to look at a more permanent solution of a fixed crossing. This will all depend on the type of crossing allowed on this road, and the funding for it.


  • Tony Mills

    Whereabouts on the road will the crossing be, or is it yet to be decided?

  • Janet Waldron

    Great news! The bonus being that many people may decide not to use their cars – less cars on the road especially near the school entrance – less emissions – will also be used by children from Albion and Bulwark Road who attend St Michael School or Helston College – all round winner!!! Well done Andrew Wallis.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I don’t want to say just yet as some engineering work needs to be carried out first. As soon as that’s confirmed, I will let everyone know.

  • Lisa de-Bargeton

    Parents of children who attend Nansloe Academy are very pleased that a crossing is to be put into place.
    I am sure you had a part to play in getting the crossing for the school but I am very disappointed to see that there is no mention of the Naval Families Federation in your article.
    The NFF were extremely influential in ensuring we got this crossing, which is long overdue!
    I think your article should be amended to reflect the involvement of the NFF and to give credit where it’s due.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Happy to give credit where it’s due. They sent a few email, which were passed on to me. Happy to post those messages as clarification.

  • Charity

    Another spiffing job you have done there Councillor Wallis, well done indeed. Safety for children is certainly what was called for on that busy road, I think you work extremely hard to get results, and of course credit must go to Cornwall Council as well, for dipping their hands into the money pot for the funding, as no other federation has paid for it.
    I am a little confused as to why you need some engineering works to establish where a person with a lollipop will stand, but hey ho never mind about the technicalities I am sure it will all unwrap in the end.

    I look forward with anticipation to read the email messages you say you are happy to post as clarification. I don’t really see why you should amend an article on your own blog though.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    This was certainly a problem that needed addressing, for the safety of all children walking that route, well done Andrew for pursuing this to a satisfactory conclusion.

    If a person or organisation does something for the right reasons, then in my opinion they should not need to seek recognition or credit for it, something which Andrew never does, they should just be pleased the aim has been achieved.

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