Mystery £250 For Boating Lake Celebrations

In organising any event funding always plays an important part, especially if you are keeping everything as free as possible. On large-scale events, like the forthcoming centenary celebrations at the Boating Lake in Helston more money is often needed. This often proves difficult due to the limited funding options.

So far, my fellow Cornwall Councillors in the Helston and the Lizard area have agree to help with the funding to the tune of £250 each. Helston Town Council has also agreed to £250 (I will blog about this separately). The Downsland Trust has been the most generous so far with a grant of £2008. This will enable all the planned activities to take place. Which is fantastic news.

However, there is more. A day ago,  I received an envelope containing £250 along with a printed letter saying: Please find enclosed a £250 donation towards the cost of the celebrations for Helston’s Coronation Lake centenary.

I am really grateful for this donation. I would like to thank publicly this person whoever they are for their generosity in this donation. I wish I could say thank you personally.

Thank you

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