My View on the Results

What a night! I was glued to the TV waiting for each result to come in until 4 am when as much as I wanted to, my body was saying sleep. I can’t remember being so captivated with a General Election before. I was truly hooked.

For someone who has fought two Elections for District and Unitary I know how much a campaign takes out of you mentally, physically and emotionally. It completely drains you. A huge credit should go to those who stood up and decided to stand for election. In my role as a Councillor I have met a lot of the Candidates; mostly in the west and central parts of Cornwall. I don’t always agree with their views, but I do respect for them standing up to fight for them.

This Election was different and the results showed. Who would have guessed the results? Everyone thought the Liberal Democrats would do well, but in Cornwall they shared honours with the Cons with 3 seats each. In the wider context the Conservatives came out on top with 306 seats. Not an overall majority, but the largest Party. I guess now is time for the horse trading.

This trading is going to be interesting. Not just nationally, but locally in Cornwall. Why, well if there is a deal or some sort of understanding between the Cons and LD, then that should surely be reflected at Cornwall Council. Will the Liberals Dems now be invited into Cornwall Councils Cabinet to reflect the National deal? Will we have a more cooperative Council with everyone working together in the right direction without the ‘them and us’. All sides are guilty of this and we must move on.  As a Independent I welcome such a move. The more we work together then the better it will be for Cornwall.

We now have a chance to tweak or change our voting system as to me its needs to be reviewed. I am not sure what it should be replaced by, but we must at least look at it. I for one will be reading lots of info on the different voting systems so if there is a change when I stand again I will at least understand it.

I shall finish off by saying well done to all the Candidates and the new MPs they at least stood up to be counted.


  • jeremyrowe1

    Hi Andrew. Enjoying the blog as ever.

    You say "if there is a deal or some sort of understanding between the Cons and LD, then that should surely be reflected at Cornwall Council".


  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    I believe that to do things well you have to work together. I never understood why the LD's of Cornwall Council decided to 'go into opposition'. Seemed more about scoring points for the upcoming election.

    All the Parties (at CC) have some real talent. If they were all working in the same direction then this Council will work. I never understood people getting position not on talent, but depending on what Party you belong to.

    I have always been against the attitude of 'we should have all the seats of authority because they did it before'. That is just silly.

    I really believe that post this General Election we have the chance to change. This can't just happen at the national level, but at the local level as well. It's not going to be easy and I think a lot may not like it. That should not be an excuse to at least try.

    Maybe I am an idealist, but I have no Party loyalty because I truly believe Politics gets in the way of getting on with it.

    I have been accused of being a Liberal and a Tory, but I will take that as a complement. I am truly an Independent without being blinded by Party loyalty.

  • jeremyrowe1

    Thanks Andrew. I accept the comment about politicians working together, although I'm quite comfortable with LDs refusing paid Cabinet posts on the Council for the simple reason that we have little in common with those who set the agenda. It wasn't for point-scoring – our lives would have been a whole lot easier if we'd done as the Tories wanted – but I genuinely believe democracy needs an 'opposition', someone to ask the difficult questions, for it to be effective. You will know how secretive the Tory administration at Cornwall Council is – would they be any different if we were all part of the same club and no one was challenging them?

    But that wasn't the point of my question. You suggest that if an arrangement is reached between parties nationally then that would have to be reflected locally. I think even the Tories might tell you that they don't take orders from London, and that is certainly the case for us.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Being in the same Party/Coalition still gives you the right to challenge. I know for one I do.

    The Parties at CC may not take direct orders from London Party HQs, but they do take suggestions.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I still think we need to work together more closely and openly to get what's right for Cornwall

  • eyanharve

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