My Cornwall Council ‘votes at 16 motion’ is referred to the Young People Committee (PAC)

It will be of no surprised, that the motion for votes at 16 was referred to the Young People PAC for the evidence to be collated that I hope will give weight to lowering the voting ages to at least 16.

Once this evidence has been collated on why we should lower the voting age, then we will ask the Government to at least pilot Cornwall as an areas where 16 and 17 year olds can vote in time for the next Cornwall Council elections. Off course, this change needs to be supported by the full membership.

The latest Lord’s vote on this subject and their defeat of the Government on lowering the voting age has sent a clear signal to the Government there is the need to change the current situation. Though I do know, there will be a strong opposition to lowering the voting age.

The motion and previous blog on this subject can be found HERE


  • Steve

    Surely I’m not the only one that thinks this is a really bad idea or am I just the only person that’ll tell you straight. You’ve said you know there’ll be strong opposition to it, haven’t you thought why that is, hmmm, lets see now, because its a really bad idea. How many 16 year olds pay income tax, or council tax, so why should they get to vote on decisions that’ll affect tax payers. Half of them haven’t even finished throwing their toys out the pram and making hoax emergency calls.

  • Steve

    Ok Andy so you didn’t like my comment and didn’t post it, are you trying to get rid of all your posters, looks like you’ve scared one off already, which is a shame but perhaps that was your intention. Ok ill write it nicely for you this time. The idea of votes for 16 year olds is daft because they won’t be paying income tax or council tax I very much doubt, so why should people get a vote that don’t pay income tax or council tax when the government and council make decisions on tax paying subjects.

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