Mushrooms – The last to know

I posted previously (at 11:01) about the announcement of super-fast broadband and how its great news (Click Here if you need to refresh yourself ). What concerns me is how I was treated as a Councillor in the Authority that I am elected to. It makes it worse that that Council is also handing over rather large sums of money. To top it all, the same powers-to-be decided to keep this from the non-Cabinet Members. 

I got a brief e-mail from the Leader saying there was going to be an announcement, but lacked any real details. Funny thing is that many people not in the Council were fully aware of the details, but I as an Elected Member was not. If this was an isolated case, then I might understand, but it’s far from an isolated case.

Even as I watched the online traffic and various news organisations talking quite openly about this, I could not comment, not only because I knew very little, but because if I did I could have been in trouble for breaching the embargo! There is no surprise that there is becoming a serious problem in communication between the senior Cabinet/Exec Dept and those back benchers who do not live on the 4th floor of County Hall. I would not say outright rebellion (yet), but there are many, many unhappy Councillors who are calling for a change before irreparable damage is done.  Only today in the Members room there was talk of this rift. This is this cross-party and not just the politic games.

For something that has the potential to affect many people in Cornwall those elected by the people were the last to know. There was a term that was quite common in the Forces. That was “I feel like a mushroom, as I am kept in the dark and fed s***”. A briefing on the details could have easily been arranged so Councillors could understand the details of this project.
Will it change? I do hope so before the call of “aux barricades” goes out.

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  • Art of the Possible

    "L’homme des barricades"

    Have you been using Babelfish, councillor?

    Perhaps you mean "aux barricades" which is "to the barricades" in French?

    In contrast, "l'homme" is a noun meaning "the man".

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Thanks for pointing that out. I was trying to rely on my poor schoolboy French. Maybe in future I should use babelfish.

  • Jonathan

    It's because councillors are know-nothing placeholders who can't ever possibly have any relevant knowledge about anything in the real world.

    I dispaired at my council when for year after year pimply-faced youths in the employ of the IT contractor would point blank ignore my 20+ years experience of IT and software engineering. "He *can't* know anything about computers, he's a councillor!"

    We were placed on the IT committee as people to be shown stuff to, not for use to actually be involved in making any decisions. We were expected to go "ooo!!! ahhh!!! pretty!!!!" and nothing else.

    I would then dispair when the bright shiney systems completely and utterly failed to work in any meaningful sense.

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