Movember – One Month On and the End

The fat lady is singing as I have reached the end of Movember and my attempts at growing a ‘tache. As this is the first time I have ever grown a moustache I am rather pleased with it. In fact, I have grown rather attached to it, but not so much I am going to keep it!

I would like to say thank you to everyone (even those who laughed at me every time they saw me) who have supported me and my colleagues during this period. The response has been great. There has been many generous donations to this cause to both me individually and to the team as a whole. So far we have raised around £430, but I hope this could reach £500 with a few last minute donations. If you feel you can donate click this LINK.

Below are a few pictures of a few of the team, my final ‘tache, and its end….

The Team
Me, Jeremy and Alex
Me looking ‘foreign’ 
The End


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