Movember – Day 22

It is day 22 in my bid to grow a ‘tache for Movember. The response to this cause has been great, not just financially, but making people aware of men’s health issue. Men historically are not the best when it comes to getting a health check, or going to the doctors.

Many people have been generous with their donations to me, and the team I am in. I would like to thank them. However, one act of generosity have really humbled me. If you remember I blogged about receiving a letter in the post with £50 in it. With the money was a simple typed letter saying ‘a donation for your participation in Movember’.

In Monday’s post was another letter, with another £50 inside. Again, no name, address; just a simple note saying:

“Please find enclosed the remaining half of my donation to you for your participation in Movember. I apologize for sending it to you as two seperate amounts; this was purely due to available funds at the time” 

Apologize? Who ever you are, you have no need to apologize. I only wish I could thank you in person for your outstanding generosity. Thank you, thank you.

Now for another ‘scare the kids’ picture of me sporting my day 22 ‘tache.

Lastly, If you can, you can donate HERE


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