Most Improved Council Award & How Many People Does It Take To Collect it?

Cornwall Council has been short listed for the ‘Most Improved Council’ in the annual Local Government Chronicle Awards 2011. This award ceremony took place last night in London at a Gala Dinner.

Now I have to admit that I did raise one eyebrow when I heard that we had been shortlisted as I know this Council has gone through, and still is going through massive changes. So, to be ‘recognised’ for this improvement award we must be doing something right? Others may see it as some sort of ironic joke, but I will leave that up to you to decide.

My issue is with the number of people we sent to this dinner and award ceremony, and why someone did not think and say “how is this going to look to the public when they are facing cuts and reductions to services”. I can understand sending the Leader and the CEO to this, but does it require a further 5 senior Council Officers (6 Officers and 1 Cllr in total).

Maybe they need this many people to attended because the trophy is so damn big it needs this many to carry it, or to guard it on its return journey back from the untamed land of England. Of course if the Council does not win this award then it would be an even bigger waste of money and time to send this many people to something we did not win.

As of 8:15 am there is no news of winning. My guess is that we did not win, because I am sure the Council would have been out with a press statement quicker than it took for the award to be collected from the stage.


No, Cornwall Council did not win the most improved council award.

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