Missing Dog Waste Bins Will Be Replaced

Not everything at Cornwall Council is bad; it might seem that way in some of my blog topics, but its not. From all the officers I speak to they want to help, they really do. Sadly, it all comes down to money and everyone seems to have their begging bowls out wanting something.

For some months now I have been requesting the missing dog waste bins to be replaced. It has at times been very frustrating and annoying when I don’t seem to get anywhere. Others may give up, but not me, as once I have my teeth into something I will see it though to the end.

It seems my persistence (or some may say annoying) has paid off; as I have now got at least three of the missing dog bins being replaced. I know dog bins may not seem like a huge priority, but they are to many of the people I represent.

In the next few days I will be having a site meeting in Porthleven to establish the best place for these bins to go. I know one area that should have one is Peverell Terrace as this is a heavily used area for dog walkers. The other two areas will be selected on the feedback I have received from residents and dog owners.

I am really grateful to officers at Cornwall Council for finding the time, and more importantly, the money to deal with my request. Thank you.

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