Mike jumps from the Cons

The second week of Cornwall Council has started with a surprise. As a arch-conservative has left the party they stood under at the election and has become an independent Councillor. The person in question is Mike Eathorne-Gibbon.

Not only has Mike left the Conservatives, but he has joined the Independent Group. This has been met with a few raised eye brows within the Indi Group.

Of course the rumour mill is in overdrive at Cornwall Council with the presses saying more Conservatives could jump.

From all this manoeuvring we might find the make-up of the political groups at Cornwall Council very different to the election results by the Council’s first full meeting on the 21st.


  • Armorel Carlyon

    Well we are now beginning to see that “pigs might fly” after all!!

  • Gill Martin

    There was me thinking a certain female Independent councillor might re join the Conservatives.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Yes, I was most surprised myself

  • Cassandra

    If I lived in this councillor’s patch and had voted for him, based on the fact he was conservative, I would be pretty hacked off with his actions. Has he had a sudden Epiphany – or was this planned. Whatever the reason, he has been voted into office on one ticket and now decided to change trains. Surely the electorate are due another vote?

  • Gill Martin

    I have never been too chuffed with my local councillor jumping ships several times in the past, although in their defence, they do tend to do it just before an election, however, I watch this space, as I do wonder if they will jump ships again.

  • riscornwall

    I voted for MEG here in Ladock. I am very happy that he has become an Independent. I fervently hope that he will now be able to fully support the huge local opposition to the wind turbine plague currently overwhelming this green and pleasant land.

  • worried worker

    Yes Ris, because everyone knows oil and coal will last forever……

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