Meeting with Disability Cornwall

Since the last meeting of the Parking Advisory Panel I have been talking to various people from Disability Cornwall about issues facing the disabled and car parking. It has been very constructed and builds on from the positive panel meeting.  I have certainly learnt more about the many issues facing people with disabilities.
Out of this, I was invited to see first hand the work Disability Cornwall carries out at their centre in Hayle and more importantly, meet the team behind it. Yesterday, I was able to visit and was made most welcome by all of the team. My aim of the meeting was to establish a stronger working relationship and understanding between both sides on parking issues. 
Talking to various members of Disability Cornwall they do understand (though not always agreeing) the complex issues that surround car parking, and have offered to help in achieving some sensible solutions to parking for disabled users. With near 106,000 disabled people in Cornwall their advice could be essential in the coming months as the panel works though its large workload. They also represent over 70 disability organisations in Cornwall.
Of course, you don’t have to agree on every issue (would be nice though), but talking and taking on-board advice at an early stage leads to a better understanding and more importantly, leads to less agro between the various parties, especially in controversial areas.

I look forward to working with this organisation, as from what I witnessed today; the team are very passionate and have some good ideas. 

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