Meeting the Spanish Delegation from Castilla y León

I recently had the pleasure to host members of a Spanish education authority who were visiting Cornwall as part of new partnership between Cornwall and the Spanish region of Castilla y León.

The partnership is funded by the EU through its education programme, Regio, and seeks specifically to promote the teaching of languages in both regions. It is hoped to develop exchanges for pupils, including virtual exchanges using communications technology, and work experience placements for older students.

This partnership is with one of the most historic regions of Spain and will give pupils and teachers opportunities to develop first hand links with schools there.  Especially as Spanish is the fastest growing foreign language being taught in schools.

The project is managed in Cornwall by Cornwall Learning, which provides advice and support to schools in Cornwall on behalf of Cornwall Council. This partnership is funded by a EU grant for 40, 000 Euros per region over two years, with access to further funding for teacher training in the future. 

The Spanish Delegation with myself and officer from Cornwall Learning.

The Spanish Delegation with myself and officers from Cornwall Learning.

And yes, I am sporting  Mo for Movemember

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