Meeting the Chief Copper

Next Tues (19th Oct) after Full Council, Members will have the chance to meet the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, Stephen Otter, for around 45 minutes. This will discuss various issues including effective partnerships and dealing with budget cuts that both organisations are facing in the coming months.

Not sure if 45 minutes is enough considering 123 Members may wish to put questions to him. I am on the understand that this is a briefing, so the normal closed doors rules apply (sigh). In fact, I doubt I will be able to say anything of what took place during this meeting.

But, if you would like me to ask a question I will do, I just might not be able to tell you the answer. Saying that, I do appreciated his time to come and see what we have to say. I know he is a busy man and his Force is not going to escape the Governments cuts

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