Meeting Cormac about the A 394 roadworks near Newham Farm, Helston

On Wednesday, I along with my fellow Cornwall Councillors for Helston, Judith Haycock and Phil Martin, and the Cornwall Councillor for Breage, John Keeling met with senior officers from Cormac to discuss the repair work along the road near Newham Farm.

From the pictures below you can see the scale of the work required to repair this stretch of road. It is hard to understand the scale from the roadside, but being on site, you really get a perspective of how massive the project is.


Looking right to left, the scale of the work


Looking left to right, the other part of the scheme


The cost of the repair will be in the region of £450,000 and includes the use of over 4,000 tonnes of stone (Six C stone for those technical) that will form a 1 in 2 bank supporting the road and wall.

All the Councillors raised the issue of the impact this repair is having on the traffic and how this needs to be sorted before the main holiday season when this area sees a massive increase of traffic.

The senior officers from Cormac fully understood this, and assured the Councillors they are going as quickly as they can. They also have come up to with a solution that will remove the traffic lights.

The plan is – subject to final approval – to close this road (A 394) on the night of Sunday 6th July to allow essential work to be carried out including installing barriers. Once this is completed, the traffic lights will be removed resulting in both carriageways being able to be used, abet with a reduced speed limit to 30 mph.

Of course the area will be monitored to make sure the carriageway is still safe and there is no additional damage from this plan. The reason this can be done is the strengthening work in the most critical areas would have been completed.

I have also asked during the A394’s closure for parking on Fore Street in Porthleven to be temporary suspended due to the increased traffic.


temporay supports, buffering up the wall.


Councillors and senior Cormac officers meeting on site

I am grateful to Cormac for meeting us on the site, this has allowed us to understand the scale of the work.


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