Massive turnout for Porthleven’s Torchlight Procession.

After a gap of a couple of years, Porthleven’s torchlight procession took place on Bank Holiday Monday. Having been involved with the procession before, I knew it always had a good turnout. However, I never though the turnout would be this big.

When Porthleven Band led the procession up Fore Street and could no longer be seen, Fore Street was still full of people and still more people were joining the procession. It was an amazing sight. I reckon in trying to do a headcount near 600 – if not more – took part in the event. And the community group sold 360 torches.


The success of the event is down to the hard-work of Porthleven’s Community Group. They did not do this on their own because this event was a partnership with Porthleven School PTA and Porthleven Band.

Thanks should also go to Suzie at Four Crows Gallery who sold the candles leading up to the event. Naomi our local youth worker and Bruno one of the local lifeguards who acted as first aiders. And Porthleven’s Town Warden who helped act as marshall during the event.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Ann Minors, who almost singlehandedly re-introduced torchlight many years ago after Gala Week disappeared from the calendar. Her previous hard-work helped make torchlight the success it is.


Since the event, I have had many many fantastic comments from people. Many have said how they could not remember a bigger turnout. How it was great to have the sing-song at the end of the event.

Those involved should be very proud of their achievements in organising and running the event. It just shows what can be achieved when people get together.





  • I have to agree, it was amazing with a magical atmosphere!

  • Andrew Wallis

    (Posted on behalf of Alan) Although I would be the first to recognise the work of Ann Miners in respect of the torchlight procession she did not “single handedly” startup the tp. The tp was resurrected as an annual event in199? by the Boslan Estate Residents Association (of which Ann was a member) after an absence of several years. The resurrection was mainly the idea of myself and Ann Johns who were secretary and chairperson respectively.
    Ann Miners carried on when the association folded, and deserves every praise and thanks she has earned.

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