Lost a Dog?

Having your dog go missing is a stressful time for owners and families. Between  April 2013 to April 2014, there were 1,295 stray dogs reported to the Council. The good news is this is  down from 1,574 in 2012/13; a reduction of 247. Though, it is still a lot of dogs that are reported. If your dog is missing, you can contact Cornwall Council on 0300 1234 212. This number is for your local Dog Welfare and Enforcement Officer.

The Council does keep and maintain a register of lost and found dogs, so while you are on the telephone we will check the register to see whether your dog has been found. If we do have your dog, we will arrange its release subject to settlement of any fees due prior to collection. The Council make every effort to reunite dog and owner at the earliest opportunity. Though to be fair, this cannot be done out-of-hours. The could also be a release / kennel change which I will cover latter.

There is also a list of dogs currently held by the Council. This list is HERE.

If the Council has picked up your dog as a stray, you will need to pay a minimum release and admin fee of £50.00. Should your dog be placed into kennels there is an additional expenses of £12.00 per day or part day, as well as other potential costs described below. This is to cover the cost of looking after your dog. Should your dog be collected out of hours, due to the additional costs incurred there will be an additional charge of £35.  Please note that there is now an additional charge for persistent offenders (persistent is classed as someone who’s dog we have had in the past 12 months), this is set at £30 the first time a persistent stray is collected, £40 the second and £50 the third. You will also be responsible for any fees incurred such as vets fees.

More details on stray dogs, costs and other useful information can be found HERE.

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