Looking to securing the future of Helston’s Coronation Park

Cornwall Council is offering a lease to run and manage Coronation Park in Helston, with a peppercorn rent.  The tender opportunity for the site, includes the park, lake, events square and café – with an existing tenant, river Cober and the former cattle market car park. The tender does not include Penrose car park (Fairground car park).

The new agreement for the events square will include the public toilets and the landlord role for the boat and cycle hire franchise.

This exciting lease opportunity, which will begin by winter 2016 / spring 2017, is only being formally advertised via the Government’s Contracts Finder website. The deadline for submissions is Friday 12 August.

The direct link to the tender opportunity on Contracts Finder, where all relevant documentation is available to view and download, is: www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/014586bb-8b02-4ec4-9b10-d5663f65db8e

Lake with cafe in background

I support Cornwall Council’s aim of looking for an organisation to be able to invest in Helston’s flagship park. The popular facilities are well used and with the café open daily serving a wide variety of refreshments – we hope to attract some high quality proposals, hopefully from community led organisations to take on the running of this area. We are offering a 99 year lease, but the Council would consider a different length.

For me, I want to explore opportunities for enhancing and maintaining the very special historic Coronation Lake that is at the heart of the park; the Lake has boating, seating, a water wheel and footpath around it to be able to watch and admire the resident wildfowl. At the town centre end of the park the skate park, café, public toilets, events space, avenues and car parking, offer very special views and entertainment for the parks’ many visitors. I cannot convey enough how important the park and facilities are to Helston, and the wider community.

Therefore, this is about securing the long-term future of this area, including much-needed investment to bring it back to its former glory; and giving the community more control over how this area is operated for the benefit of residents.

In the past this area has had considerable investment, but needs more now, which in the current financial climate the council cannot commit to. Furthermore, with a non-council organisation running the area, there are more grant opportunities available. As many grant funding pots, the local authority cannot apply.



  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Would provisions be put in place to ensure the toilets are kept open and that nothing included in the lease that is currently free, would be privatised to a point where it becomes chargeable, such as use of the skate park or entry to the park?

  • Andrew Wallis

    Toilets free, as well as access to the park.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Oh right, thank you Andrew.

    I can see the logic and financial sense in putting a lease opportunity out to tender. I hope a suitable organisation applies. It would be lovely to see the right investment in the park.

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