Loo Turn on Public Toilets

Today, at Cornwall Council’s Cabinet the Leader announced that the proposed plans to cut funding to 114 public toilets will not go ahead. This great news, but there is a note of caution. These proposals are only dropped for a year. As the Leader said today not progressing this plan now will give time for proper consultation and equality impact assessments to be carried out.

Amazingly £1 million has been found to carry on providing this service during the year. You have to ask yourself how does the council suddenly find this amount of money when it has to, or needs to. Why can’t it just provide it in the first place. However, if there really is no spare money, what other service has lost out?

Granted some town and parish councils may wish to take on providing this service and should be allowed to. But, no council should be forced to take on this, or any other provision/service if it does not want to. This is the point that has upset so many town and parish council as in Porthleven’s case it felt it was being force to take them on. As sort of do it or else.

I really think this change is down to the very vocal campaign, by Cornwall Councillors, the town and parish councils and the general public. There is also the ‘rumour’ that many in the ruling party would have voted against the budget if these plans were in it. Maybe this is the real reason why it was pulled? If not, people power has really worked. As I can honestly say I have not met anyone who was in favour of the now dropped cuts.

As for my petition, this will now not go ahead because on the face of it those objecting to the plans have carried the day and it would be best to keep this plan for when it is needed.

Lastly, I have to say lessons have to be learnt from this because there has been so many mixed messages on these plans being pulled/not being pulled/letters being sent out. It has hardly inspired confidence in this whole process.

Still, overall a good result.

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