Long term delays likely on the Porthleven Road (B3304)

I have been informed by Cormac – Cornwall Council’s Highway Department – that there will be long term installation of temporary traffic lights on the Porthleven Road (B3304) at the foot of Penrose Hill.

Recent monitoring of the road and retaining walls at the foot of Penrose Hill, it has been decided that traffic should be restricted to using the centre of the road only. This is due to problems with the retaining walls either side and the result of their movement has led to visible cracking of the carriageway surface.

Although sudden failure of the walls has been considered unlikely it is felt prudent to keep traffic loading to the centre of the road and away from the walls. In order to do this, temporary traffic lights are to be installed which will be running 24 hours a day until such time as the walls can be strengthened.

These retaining walls were already identified within the bridge and retaining wall strengthening programme and had been programmed for January 2014 start on site.

Anyone travelling along this stretch of road will see parts of the road has slightly collapsed. I asked if the lights had to be installed this early, especially during the holiday period. I was told it had to be done to reduce the fault being made worse. Even though the work has been booked in for January, I have requested the remedial work is done as soon as possible. Hopefully before January.

I will keep you informed when I have further information.

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