Local Planning – Site meeting

Porthleven Town Council held a planning site meeting on Saturday. They wanted to see for themselves what the impact an application would have on the surrounding area. There had been many objections in writing to Porthleven Council and Cornwall Council, and at a previous Town Council meeting many objectors turned up and expressed their views.

The Town Council listened to both the applicant and objectors and at times it got a little heated between the two parties, but the Town Council did manage to listen to the various points made. The Town Council then retired back to the Council Offices and debated the various points.

In the end it felt that it could not support the application. It will be writing to Cornwall Council requesting for this application to be refused for various reasons including harm to the character and amenity of the area and lack of local support. It now heads back to Cornwall Council either for refusal under delegated powers, or if not, it will go to the Planning Committee for a decision.

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