Lights, Action and Cameras

Today was the first formal meeting of Cornwall Council that was broadcast live. A huge step forward in allowing the public to see how we do our business. Some people will think it a waste of money, but I really think that if used right it has huge potential.

As I said before it was an all round effort by Officers and Councillors who got this up and running in such a short space of time. The company that we are using to broadcast this said they were hugely impressed in the way this way done. Special credit should go to the Comms team and Democratic Services who made this Motion work. It’s easy to come up with an idea, but the real trick is getting the good ideas from Councillors to work.

On the first broadcast we got just over 1100 viewers. Now that is pretty impressive for the first outing. I am told there were a few technical hitches with audio, but nothing I am told major. From what I have been told those who watched it were impressed.

The debate in The Chamber was a little tame, but that’s normal. Most of the Council meetings are like this, just  normal with the odd joke or vigorous exchange thrown in for good measure.

If you would like to watch then click this Webcast 

I am sure you will let me know if you like this, or not.

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