Licensing Hearing

One of my other jobs is Vice-Chairman of Licensing Act Committee. When the need arises we hold a hearing when a licensed premises either has a review or objection to a Grant of Licence.

Today, in a Cornish western town, I had to do two. Two other Councillors sit with me in deciding what course of action is taken after we hear all the evidence (and generally there is loads). Today you could have used the paperwork as a door stop. The police had brought the reviews because there had been many and on going breaches to their licensing conditions. Sometimes people just don’t get it that they need to adhere to the conditions. They are not imposed just for fun.

The police barrister outlined his case in typical quick lawyer fashion, getting down to the points with professional zeal. The owner then had a chance to state their case. I have to say it would be easier if those who have to present their case would do it in a clear fashion. Today was not one of them. I had to request that this person to get to the point several times.

In the end we considered suspending their licensing, but we decided to impose more conditions that will, I hope, solve the ongoing problems (we live in hope). I am not sure if they were happy, but they would have been a damn sight more unhappy if we had removed their license as they would then not be able to trade.

The point is, if a condition is placed on a licence, then please, please stick to it. If not, it gives the area a bad name and can blight those who live near these places.

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