Licensing Hearing

Today in Penzance I had two Licensing Hearings to conduct. The first one was fairly simple and did not take that much time.

There other one was more serious. The Police had under the powers of the Licensing Act 2003 requested a review of a Licensing of a certain premises in Penzance. The Police had submitted evidence that this bar was in breach of its Licensing Conditions and that this place was causing a Public Nuisance and adding to Crime and Disorder.

The Police had brought its Barrister to lay out the Police’s case. The owner also has the right to defend it’s self against the charges. After both sides have had there say its down to the Panel to make its decision. The Panel consist of 3 Councillors who are trained in Licensing. I was the Chairman for today’s proceedings.

The Licensing Act 2003 can not be used as a punishment, but it must be used to uphold the 4 licensing objectives ( licensing objectives ). The Panel’s job is to make sure these are met with either the Removal, Suspension, added Conditions or no change to the Licence. All these must be relevant to the issues that have been raised during the Hearing.

After much discussion between the Panel Members we decided to add extra conditions and curtail the sale of alcohol and opening hours.  You can read more here from PC Lewis who attending this Hearing. (Licensing Update – Causeway Bar & Restaurant).

Licensing is a tough job sometimes. It can effect a lot of people, especially if there is a troublesome venue.

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