Licensing – A new link

An often complaint I get in my role of Vice-Chairman of the Licensing Act Committee is people not knowing if a new (or variation) licensing application is going to be near them, or how this could effect them. A4 Blue notices detailing what is being applied for are placed at the establishments who have applied, but often people miss these.

Some months ago we sort to rectify this by a way of placing all applications on the Cornwall Council website. This has now happened, and by clicking the link you will see all the current applications. It also lists phone numbers in case you wish to discuss any issue with a Licensing Officer.

Here is the link Current Licensing Applications

This should also be handy for the Town and Parish Clerk who under the 2003 Act are not consultees. They often feel that they should at least be informed of changes to, or for new applications. Sadly, until a change in the Law this cant be done.

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