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As technology moves along at a blistering pace the simple things that people enjoy sometimes have to move as well. How we read books is just one of those areas. You may have heard of things like Kindle, iPad and a Sony Reader. These items, along with your home computer, or mobile phone (smart type) can be used to read books in electronic form. Many will still argue that half the joy of reading is feeling the paper between your fingertips, but there is still a growing market for e-books, especially as the equipment to read them is dropping in price.

Now Library members across Cornwall have even more opportunities to get more from Cornwall Library Service now that it is offering e-Books to all of its members. The Public Library Online from the Bloomsbury Publishing Group provides access to a range of fiction and non-fiction titles over the Internet and is now available through the Cornwall Library Service.

There are no complicated downloads, or decisions on which device to buy, simply access the books using your existing computer or Internet enabled mobile phone in the library and remotely from home or elsewhere. To access e-Books from the Library website simply click the e-Bookshelves link and enter your library card number when prompted.

We are subscribing to five shelves of books including

Reading Group – Each book comes with a reading group guide including questions for discussion as well as an author interview and more.

Quercus Crime – From noir to comic, there’s something for crime fans of all varieties

Soldiers and Spies – A collection of books on war and espionage

Childhood – An exciting collection of fiction and non-fiction books on the theme of childhood.

Britain and Empire – A collection of critically acclaimed history books.

To access the e-Book collection visit the libraries section of the Council’s website and click the ‘e-Bookshelves’ link.

I do think this is a great idea and will hopefully encourage more people back into reading

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  • Jules

    I like the idea, but they'll need a lot more titles to entice people to spend time here. I'd also like to see a feature that lets me download the books to a mobile reader – at the moment it seems that I can only view them online. Check out Project Gutenburg for a collection of 33,000 free online books that can be read online or downloaded :

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