Letters pages in the Press are always interesting to read, you hope someone may have taken the trouble to say thanks for the work, but really, it’s sort of have a go at you page. (Luckily not always directed at me.)

In today’s local paper I and a fellow Councillor seem to have attracted some attention from as far away as Sheffield. Personally I did not know my sphere of influence really stretched that far, but it must do for someone to comment from there.

There were two points to the letter. Firstly I mentioned in a previous meeting (Planning Procedures) that meetings should start earlier. Not as both authors indicated because I wanted to go home early or could not concentrate after 5pm, but so we could do more work as we would have longer Committees to do just that. Sorry if I got it wrong and you really wanted shorter meetings, but more of them.

The second point, and I believe the main aim of the letters, was the decision of the Strategic Planning Committee on the approval of two Wind Farms. Decisions like these are always difficult and not taken lightly.

It seems, and I maybe wrong (depends on what side of the fence you sit) that people say we must have more sustainable energy resources but (and I mean I big BUT) not in my back yard. This seems to happen in planning alot.

Should I respond to these letters? Well the answer is no. If they wished to contact me (my details are easily to find) then I would take the time to respond and explain fully, or answer any questions they may have. On both of these letters they got most of the facts wrong or took what I said out of context.

What I am trying to say is this: constructive criticism is welcome, especially if it enables me to do my job better, but if I do something that pleases you, or if I have done something right, then maybe drop me a little line to say thanks. Just getting one thank you means a great deal and shows I am doing my job right.

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  • Anonymous

    I always make a point of making a comment when I get good service or enjoy something. Praise is the best motivator in my opinion and we don't give enough of it.

    …and while I'm here Andy – I do enjoy reading your blog even though I live in Northumberland and as far away from Cornwall as you can get in England.


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