Letters sent to Prime Minister and MP’s on second homes

Inline with Cornwall Council’s decision to lobby Government seeking a legislative change to planning policies that would require the planning consent being sort and given if someone wanted to change a dwelling into either a second home and/or holiday let.

I am pleased to say letters have been sent to the Prime Minister, the Minister responsible for planning and the six MP’s representing Cornwall.

In these letters, it gives a clear indication where new planning rules could be introduced. These rules are workable as senior planning officers at Cornwall Council have been involved with making sure they are. The possible policy changes have also had the input from those planning experts in the private sector (thanks Paul).

The letters have been signed by all the Political Group Leaders at Cornwall Council, Portfolio Holder for Housing and me. Let’s hope the council gets a positive response from all the Cornish MP’s but more importantly, the Government. As they are the only body that can make these changes.

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