Let’s talk about sex…… education

Let’s talk about sex… education. Catchy title, but in reality we talk about this subject as RSE, which is relationships and sex education. The emphasis on relations is an important factor.

Young people, parents and carers in Cornwall are being asked for their views on sex education as part of a new partnership aimed at promoting healthy relationships and sexual health.

Building on the success of the latest decline in teenage pregnancy rates by more than a half, Cornwall Council’s Public Health and Health Promotion Service teams have joined forces with Brook and the RCHT Sexual Health Hub to launch TALK RSH (relationships and sexual health).

To help the group develop its social media work and resources available, people are being asked to take part in one of two online surveys – one aimed at young people, the other at parents and carers.

The surveys are available at www.cornwall.gov.uk/TALKRSH. Please share and complete the survey by the 16th July.

The surveys will be used to develop TALK RSH social media work with young people and resources and information for parents and carers later this year.

Timely and accessible information on relationships and sexual health is vital in improving the wellbeing and sexual health of people in Cornwall, explained Louise Sweeney from Cornwall Council Public Health.

Over the last few years there has been a tremendous amount of work being done in Cornwall to help improve sexual health. As a result we In Cornwall have seen our rates of teenage pregnancy decline, which is really good news. But we know that there is more to do and the TALK RSH group, made up of different agencies and organisations has put a plan in place to help ensure we can effectively give the people of Cornwall the messages around relationships and sexual health.”

As a large rural county it is vital people get the information they need to make informed, healthy choices around their sexual health and can access services when they need them. We are keen to hear from young people and their parents and carers to ensure we support them in the best way possible.”

In one if its first pieces of work, TALK RSH  – which I am a member of – wants to hear from young people and parents and carers.

The facts are young people aged 16-24 are most affected by poor sexual health and sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia. Those involved with the programme want to be able to engage with young people through social media to ensure they receive up-to–date, consistent information about relationships and sex education, in addition to what they learn at school.

Young people in Cornwall also told us they wanted to be able to speak to their parents and carers about relationships and sex, but national research tells us that parents and carers can sometimes find these conversations difficult, especially if their own sex education was patchy

We are also keen that they know where they can access trusted information online when they need it. To do this we are asking young people to complete a survey on how they would like to engage with us on social media, which we will be available online and through schools and young people’s projects.”

It is important to find out how parents and carers in Cornwall feel about this and to make sure they know where they can get information and support locally. We’ll be sending out a parents and carers survey alongside the young people’s survey and would love to hear back from as many parents and carers as possible.

This is an important topic that affects our young people, I know that relationships and sex education helps to reduce teenage pregnancy, and gives young people the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe, but there is still a lot of misinformation, myth and fear out there on these topics.

We know we can make a difference on this, but it’s vital we hear from you to help us inform TALK’s work, so please get involved and take part in the surveys.

For me it is great to work alongside individuals who care about this subject, and who want both parents, carers and young people to have the correct and up to date information available.

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