Let’s celebrate the Ofsted ‘Good’ news for a change

Today, the chef inspector of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, released Ofsted’s annual education report. In that report Sir Michael says secondary schools have “stalled delivering.” The media is concentrating on the negative aspects of the report, however, we should also focus on the educational establishments successes. This is often missed.

Whilst I do not think there is a head teacher, teacher, TA or school governor who does not say we can always look to improve, the majority of schools do deliver a very good level of education. This should be recognised, and we must celebrate success too. As it is unfair just to highlight (and rightly so) on those educational settings which are not delivering.

Cornwall is above the national average for the number of schools which are either good or outstanding. For primary and nursery school settings, this is 85% of 238 settings currently judged as “good or outstanding” by Ofsted ( with only 2 of the 238 primary schools judged to be inadequate ).

Of the 32 secondary schools in Cornwall 77% are currently judged as “good or outstanding” by Ofsted. The other schools are classified as Requires Improvement. It is important to note there are no secondary schools judged to be inadequate in Cornwall.

Furthermore, the percentage of pupils attending good or outstanding secondary schools has risen to 84%. Again this should be celebrated.

Special school performance is also positive overall, with three of the four special schools being judged as good or better.

The Council works closely with headteachers and governors at all schools to ensure that children in Cornwall are provided with the best possible quality of education. It is good to see that more than 80% of children in Cornwall are attending good or outstanding schools and I would like to thank governors, headteachers, staff, parents and carers for their hard work and commitment. Parents and carers play a very important part in a child’s education. As without this parental support, many children will not reach their full potential.

There is no room for complacency and we must always strive to do better. This is why at the end of 2013 Cornwall Council formally launched the Raising Aspirations and Achievement Strategy (RAAS). This strategy is which is aimed at ensuring all children and young people in Cornwall are given the best possible start in life. This means providing access to the highest quality education opportunities and raising the aspirations of both the young people and their families to encourage them to achieve beyond their expected potential.

This new Strategy is already helping to raise standards and we are continuing to work with schools to ensure that we build on this improvement over the coming months.

So let’s celebrate the good work that is being currently delivered by the educational settings in Cornwall. However, we should not be complacent and always look at how we can improve.

Let’s just remind people that out of 272 schools in Cornwall, two are judged inadequate. (Though for me, two is still too many). However, the majority of those 272 settings are good or outstanding. Well done.

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