Let there be light – or not

Street lighting, this is another one of those subjects that depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. The more environmental side will say turn them off and save the planet as there is too much white-out. Then there are those who have a street light outside of their house that emits light like it would not be out of place guarding a Stalag and who would want it turned down or off, but those at the end of the street like it just as it is.

Every few months I get a request or two to change the setting on a certain street light. I pass it on, but it can be sometimes a little hit and miss with the outcome. Well your beloved Cornwall Council is set trying to change this with its pioneering street lighting invest to save project. 

It has now come up with a new web page/information site to that should help you with your inquires. It is requesting that people should  go have a look at this site before you ring the Council. Below is the link as there is just to much information to post here.

The Link 

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