Launch of Special Guardian at Eden

I was invited to the launch of a groundbreaking new partnership between Cornwall Council’s new Family Plus Team and a local third sector organisation – Special Guardian – at Eden on the 31st May.


So what is special guardianship? This is a legal procedure which was introduced as a new permanence option for children in the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (active from 2005). It is was way of giving a child who is unable to live safely with their birth parents the love and security of family life. Once a special guardianship order is given, the child becomes part of that family until they are 18. Though and this is very important, the birth parents retain parental responsibility and is still part of the child’s life.

For me is was great to be part of the event and it gave me the ability to talk with Cornwall Council staff, parents and children who have special guardianship orders. It was fantastic to meet the inspirational woman, Pauline Davies, who set up and will run Special Guardian in Cornwall. You certainly have to take your hat off to people like Pauline who herself had a Residence Order and thought she could do more to help. As a bonus I even got to make a few bunnies with the children.


The CYP Bunny

For more information go to Special Guardian or via Cornwall Council

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