Launch of Porthleven’s ‘pick up your dogs poo’ campaign starts with free dog chipping

Wednesday, saw the launch of Porthleven’s fight-back against those irresponsible dog owners who fail to pick up their dogs mess. Everyone say’s it is not me, I always pick-up, however, dog poo that’s not picked up blights our open spaces and pavements. It is also a health hazard. 

The campaign has been made possible by a small working group being form that is made up of residents and Porthleven Town Council who worked with the children at Porthleven School to deliver a simple campaign message: you know what to do, please pick up my poo.


The campaign logo

At the official launch,  the working group arranged for the dog chipping team from Cornwall Council to give any unchipped dog, a free micro chip. As from April 6th, it is illegal for any dog to be unchipped. Owners of unchipped dogs could face a £500 fine if caught. 

During the course of the day, over 200 dogs were chipped. In fact, before the event officially started, people were queuing. The dog chipping team said it was one of their busiest days. 


Thanks must go to Cornwall Council’s dog chipping team who worked virtually non-stop throughout the day (they were supplied with one of Porthleven’s fantastic pasties). 

Huge thanks has to go to the working party of Dick, Barbara, Lesley and Philippa and all the others who helped start this campaign. Well done. Let’s hope people listen, and pick up their dogs mess! 

Just so you know, all public rubbish bins in Porthleven can be used to deposit dog mess. Not just the dedicated dog waste bins. 

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