Landslide on the Porthleven Road

The Porthleven Road has had some significant work carried out to it in the last few months. The bridge leading to Penrose corner needed urgent repair and this part of the road needed to be closed for over 12 weeks. This huge undertaking was completed within a few days of the original completion date – so again, well done. However, there has been a small but significant landslip on the part leading down in to Helston near the boating lake.

Engineers have again investigated the site and have advised not to remove any of the landslip until a full repair is carried out making sure the bank is stable. The engineers have said now the area has been re-assessed the cones and current signage can be removed, but a danger ‘rock fall warning’ will be erected to warn road users of the potential for a landslide. The area will also be inspected at least twice a week to make sure the issue has not escalated. The work will be programmed in as soon as possible.

Falling Rock

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