Kevin Lavery is the new CEO for Wellington Council

In an article the Mayor of Wellington City Council has confirmed Kevin Lavery will be the new CEO of the city council.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has confirmed the appointment of Kevin Lavery as the new Chief Executive of Wellington City Council. She adds that Dr Lavery found the rugged coastline of Wellington attractive – “and with a Doctorate in Urban and Regional Studies he is also relishing the challenges of running a council in a cosmopolitan capital city”.

Dr Lavery has been appointed for five years with an annual salary
package of $400,000.

Cornwall Council has now confirmed this to Councillors and staff by a message from Kevin Lavery:

“this was a very difficult decision to make as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council and am sorry to be leaving the authority and Cornwall.

“When I was appointed in November 2008, the new unitary Council was facing a number of challenges. I said then that I wanted to build a distinctive Council that reflected Cornwall’s proud heritage and culture. A Council that was delivering high quality services and great value for money and which was meeting the needs of local residents.

“Four years later I am proud to say that, despite the additional challenges created by the financial situation, we are well on the way to achieving this aim and I am confident that we have the right foundations in place to create a bright future for the Council and for Cornwall.

“I will be taking up my new role at the end of March and over the next few weeks will be working with Members and the leadership team to make the necessary arrangements for the transition.

So that’s that then


  • Now we will be able to see what sort of job he has done and whether all the criticism he has taken from some quarters has been fair.

  • a benefits assessor

    The best Christmas pressie ever !!!!

  • Well that’s some money back in the budget for 2013!!

  • Beware the Ides of Somerset

    The CEO post in Wellington, NZ was said to have been
    advertised back in August, so was Lavery always planning to “SIGN
    & GO?” Can Cornwall Councillors trust that Lavery’s BT Fat
    JV was ever a good deal, when the CEO leading the charge into this
    controversial outsourcing deal, was someone had no intention of
    having to live with the consequences….? Mind you – Look on the
    bright side – The Fat JV project has just created it’s first new
    job in Cornwall…..HIS!

  • Gill Martin

    Does that mean you are responsible (sort of) for the
    complete dispersal /replacement of Cornwall Council’s leadership,
    as you initiated the petition that led to the democracy of the vote
    on JV which in turn ‘appeared’ to lead to the vote of no confidence
    in Alec Robertson, and subsequently saw his removal from his
    position as Cornwall Councils leader , now in all probability that
    in turn could be one of the reasons Kevin Lavery has decided to
    leave. Just a thought. It has certainly been an interesting

  • Beware the Ides of Somerset

    Gill – Since Dear Kevin applied for the NZ job in August,
    it rather looks as if his grand outsourcing plan was “rumbled”,
    before he could flee the scene (soon aftet the ink was dry on the
    contract with BT) as planned, doesn’t it? Cornwall is fortunate to
    have a number of Councillors that don’t simply follow a party line
    or whip and do think & act independently. “Cornwall Council
    – a model of local democracy”

  • Gill Martin

    Just to clarify, my first post was in no way intended as a
    criticizm regarding any actions taken by Andrew, ie petition etc,
    and yes Cornwall is lucky to have many Independent Councillors,
    although some, more effectual than others.

  • Johns

    On the topic of “SIGN and GO” remarked upon in an earlier
    post. I think that when one of our senior public servants decides
    that some new Partnership or Outsourcing deal will save the public
    purse signifcant sums of money, they should be required to put a
    proportion of their own salary into an Escrow account; the amount
    lodged being proportional to the cost and length of the deal being
    proposed. The benefits claimed should then be independently audited
    after a set period of contract running, and if the Partnership has
    then failed to realise the benefits originally quoted at commitment
    time, the escrowed amount is forfeited and is passed back to the
    public sector. If however, the benefits are indeed realised then
    the amount lodged should be doubled and returned to the senior
    public servant as a bonus. This might ensure that such individuals
    are very careful indeed about the claims made – but of course if
    they are sufficiently confident it will also reward success and
    no-one can argue with rewarding folk for real achievement. The only
    downside I can see is that folk you might simply prefer to have
    moved on, might be inclined to stay put to ensure they did not pass
    on the management of their investment to their successor. I’m
    ‘speaking’ generally here of course.

  • worried worker

    My my, what BRAVE and BOLD leadership! Dear ole Kev
    obviously had soooo much faith in Cornwall and BT that he planned
    to jump ship before the ink was even dry on his great sellout. Yep,
    this man sure had Cornwalls best interests at heart and was in no
    way just lining his own pocket…………..

  • an assessor

    According to the link below… The repercussions of Kevin
    Lavery’s appointment in Wellington, NZ, coincided with the value of
    the NZ $ falling by 2.5%. This would equate to $10,000 of his new
    annual package (£5218).

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